reviewers-quotes-3Are you looking for an exciting new site where well-written reviews abound? Where flowery language pour out of every article and story? A site for the intellectual elite where you can read up on the latest musings on the significance of Kafka’s early works on modern day authors of narrative nonfiction.

Well…….you have probably come to the wrong place. Sorry about that.

This site is really just for me and those poor souls that share my burning love for books.
“What kind of books!?” I hear you scream. Well any kind really, but I must admit that probably 80 percent of the reviews, articles and news stories you will find here will be about Science Fiction and Fantasy. Then 20 percent about crime. That leaves 3 percent to books on mathematics, especially those covering statistics and percentages.

My main goal with this site is to give reading-tips, provide some highly subjective review of some of my favorite books, and maybe provide some news and rumors about this and that in the literary world.

As you may already have surmised I am not a native English-speaker, therefore you will probably find a lot of spelling errors and sentence structures that would see me jailed and executed in at least 35 different countries on the western hemisphere. I sincerely apologize for this and will welcome any constructive criticism on this, “constructive” being the key word here.

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