Urban Fantasy – A Literary Minefield

Good old J.R.R had it easy, back then fantasy was fantasy…….and barely that. If you bought a fantasy novel you knew what you got, there would be wizards, there would be a young boy who struggled to accept who and what he was, there was a journey and there would most probably be dragons. And […]

Thursday Next – A Literary Heroine

If you should pick you favorite work from the the genre comical-literary-fantasy-science-fiction my guess is that you would choose Jasper Fforde’s series about literary detective Thursday Next. Uh, whats that? The only work in that genre? Well yes, but even so. Jasper Fforde (yes i know about the extra “f”, but he’s British so what can you do?) […]

Promise of Blood – Review

Promise of Blood is the first book in The Powder Mage trilogy by american writer Brian McClellan. It was published in 2013, meaning that for some unfathomable reason it has managed to stay under my radar for two years. I am happy to say that this oversight on my part has now been corrected. This […]

The Black Company – review

The Chronicles of The Black Company is a series of novels for those of us who like it dark and gritty. Written by american author Glen Cook, the series start of with the novel titled simply The Black Company. Published first in 1984 it starts off a string of 10 novels, that takes us inside the life […]